About Us

Santa Glory International School is a Private Educational Institution established in September 2015. Since then it has flourished to provide Pre-School, Primary and Junior High School (JHS) segments of BASIC EDUCATION.

The school’s staff is made up of graduates who are competent as well as well trained and dedicated teaching assistants who help in achieving high standards educational outcomes. It has a management team that has passion for excellent results and for grooming children to become well-being adults.

SGIS turns out JHS 3 graduates with excellent grades and a philosophy of critical thinking and commitment to duty. As a school, it is extremely proud of her students’ outstanding achievements across all areas. SGIS students are focused on achieving excellent academic results for gaining admissions to the best Senior High Schools of their choice.

Our facilities cater for Scientists, Musicians, Artists, Sports Stars, Computer scientists and academics.

The learning programme and environment promote our students to become active learners and critical thinkers.

Our Vision

To be an international school of choice that produces high-class citizens.

To make the teaching of English and French paramount; such that Santa Glory Int’l School becomes a bilingual school.

Our Mission

To develop the total being, head, heart, and hand of the individual to be useful to self and society. Quality education is our passion.